This is my first blog post and it’s about testimony, I pray this piece bless you as you read.

What really comes in our mind whenever we hear the word TESTIMONY? Testimony comes in different forms, when you go to church and it’s time for testimony, you see a lot of ways people tell out their testimony (either by talking, singing, dancing and a lot).

When I was a kid, I taught sharing of testimonies ain’t necessarily important, because sharing it alone will even make people jealous of you. But growing up, I have seen people write down their life time testimonies as an inspiration to others, and it’s indeed changing the life’s of others. So today on my first blog post i want to talk about the power of testimony and how  it can improve the life of others.

The scripture (Revelation 12:11) from the above picture teaches us that the words of our testimony can help us overcome the struggles we go through in life. 

TESTIMONY is a visible reminder of God’s supremacy. Anytime in your life, every single moment you live on this earth, times you see the unexpected, impossible, expected and possible things happening, in fact anything that will get you thinking about how our father in heaven work out things in His awesome ways in your life, then there should be a TESTIMONY. But the question here is, when all these things happen, it is so necessary to speak  to other people about it? Well as a matter of fact, many, as much as countless, keep their testimonies to themselves just because of their own reasons and therefore the possible answer could be “yes”, but the reason why I sat down to write this is to get near you and your mind and tell it out to you that the best possible answer is NO. You don’t have to keep your testimonies to yourself which I have strong and beautiful reason for saying so.

Firstly why do you call it a testimony? (ITS BECAUSE YOUR UNDERSTANDING TO THAT PROBLEM WAS IMPOSSIBLE AND NOW IT TURNS OUT TO BE POSSIBLE) so your friends, the neutral people in your life, family and every living soul has the fullest right to know about it. Not even just for them to know about it but for them to believe that their impossible problems can be possible with their Faith in GOD.

Secondly your testimony open abundant doors to your life. Ask me why? Because you are telling people about the Almighty GOD, how He works, how faithful He is, and a lot of open minds you are giving to people about God. And if you don’t know this, then I love to tell you that God loves our testimonies especially when we don’t cease to tell others about it. He loves hearing you telling the lost, needy, unbeliever and all those on the wrong path about Him. To make you unstoppable from telling others about Him, He adds more grace to your life, increase your wealth, and makes you bigger and stronger than ever. He closes all doors of failure, struggling and disappointments from your life, and do you know what makes me so happy HE nourishes you in His arms.

Thirdly your testimony puts the devil to shame. The devil is always looking for your downfall, he wants to see you crawling and begging on the streets. But here is it, you have being saved by Jesus through your faith and now you are telling people about this Awesome God, you don’t just tell them, but through your testimony they gets near Jesus and ask to know more about Him in order for them to also receive their portion of blessings. Your testimony speeds up the weary, the worn and the weak to run to JESUS the savior. The devil goes to shame whenever he sees people succeeding and moving in their line of victory, he moans and roar like a lion but he won’t get near you because God got you in His arms.

Finally, I will give you one big reason why you don’t have to keep your testimony to yourself. Your testimony, faith and love in God puts you in the father bossom. You forever remain in the house of the Lord because you become a believer and a true son of God. You become perfect as the father wishes us to become perfect as His son Jesus Christ  who came to die for our sins. HE becomes your PORTION OF INHERITANCE and the LIGHT of your life.

Let us all rise up together and start sharing our TESTIMONY. God richly bless you for reading this and i believe you will be among the billions of people sharing their testimony across the world. The name is serwaa and i want to read your testimony too below in the comment box, so kindly comment with your testimony and God will cause His face to shine upon you.




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