Grateful people live longer😃(oh yeah, they do live longer).

One thing I have believed it turns life around is called Gratefulness. Souls that live with this will testify with me that as they keep on being grateful with the portion they hold, they keep getting it in abundance. Now let’s ask ourselves these questions, are we grateful with what we have? Have we ever been grateful? Would we ever be grateful with what we have for today?

Let me share a life story of mine before we answer these questions.

I stayed with a very lovely woman after senior high school, the decision was to help her produce and sell fresh yogurts whiles I await my wassce results. My mum told me she was going to pay me on a monthly basis. I started working with her, the first and second month passed and I didn’t receive any amount from her. As shy as I was I couldn’t ask her so I went to my mum and asked her about what she actually discussed with the woman, she told me again I was to be paid on a monthly basis. My mum and I were both confused, so my mum called her and she then told my mum she changed her mind on the monthly payment, she was rather going to take care of all my needs as far as I stay with her.

Hmmm, was this good news gone bad🙂 or good news gone good news☺? that was the question I kept asking myself. I was caught up in making a decision whether to agree on staying with her or leaving to find something else to do. To cut a long a story short, I stayed with her and decided to be grateful with anything she offers or any help she gives. But what I didn’t know and would have never believed if I was told was that, there was going be a time in which i would be in a very big need of something my parents alone couldn’t have helped. During those times I realised the power of being grateful, this gorgeous woman helped me so much that i came out from my trials very successful and only the heavens could tell the joy I had in my heart. It wasn’t easy though but if I had been ungrateful with how she was helping me at first or the little she was given me at first, I wouldn’t be writing this piece.

So my dear sweethearts😍, can we really afford to be ungrateful. The friend of yours or that person who helped you some time ago with the little they had was an angel sent from heaven to you and maybe if you were ever ungrateful to them, then it’s never too late to go back and tell them “I am Grateful”. These three words can turn our lives around or call love ones to be near us in times of trouble or difficulty. In 1 Thessalonians 5:18, the good book tells us that,

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Therefore the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning us is for us to be grateful in everything. The power of being grateful is a multiplier of ten thousands folds on what we already have been given. Being grateful is amazing, I have seen and felt it. Let us all be grateful with the portion we have being given today and when tomorrow comes we will receive in abundance whatever we lacked.

On this piece i would like to say a very big thanks to you all for your support, likes and comments on my first post HAVE YOU SHARED YOUR TESTIMONY? It was amazing and am Grateful to you all especially@Emma_segbedzi @joy_annie @Kuukua_asante on Instagram for their overwhelming support, may God richly bless you all😍😘.



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