Daily Prompt-Arid



A Poem about Jesus, read and teach the children around you😊

His name is JESUS

He is the beloved son of God

He lived in Heaven with His Father

He came on earth because of our sins

He came in the form of a man

He was born in a manger

His parents were called Mary and Joseph

He lived a sinless life on earth

He preached and healed diseases

He gave hope to the needy

He loved everyone, but yet

He was still crucified by the romans

He could have challenged them

He stood till the end on the cross

He was crucified with us on the cross

He said it is done on His final breath

He died a shameful death for us

His death washed and cleansed our sins

He was buried in the tomb

His name was still Jesus because

He resurrected on the third day

His body, the tomb could not hold because

He was the son of God

His resurrection men did not believe

His resurrection truth weren’t erased by their unbelieves

He ascended to Heaven

He sits at the right hand side of His father

His resurrection gave life to us

He freed us from the bondage of sin

He lives in us now

He will never and ever forsake us because.



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