Proverbs 9:11  For through wisdom your days shall be multiplied, and the years of thy life shall be increased.


Dear Lord,

There is so much in my heart and mind that i want to tell you today, but this smile and joy on my face (picture above) tells everything I would have loved to say.

Today being 23rd March again in my life’s journey adds a new year to my age and Lord am more than grateful for what you have done and most especially the great things you have started doing in my life.

As I celebrate this day, no😊 as you have given me an additional year to celebrate🤗, i commit the needy, widows, orphans, people battling with diseases, those going through depression, hard situations and all love ones into your amazing care. I intercede on behalf of every blogger and seek for your wisdom upon their journey.

Lord to grandma, mum and dad, I continue to ask for your grace and mercies upon their life’s. So beautifully my mum and dad have never given up on me and as today marks the beginning of a new age, may you Lord continue to cause your joy, happiness, prosperity and long life to their beautiful marriage.

For the days, weeks, months and years ahead of me Lord, I ask for more of your grace upon my life, father plant my feet on higher grounds and order my steps in your path. Make me strong in your word as I face new challenges on my way forward in life.

Yeahhh Its a new age. New age I believe comes with new pack of blessings, so dear Lord once again make me strong as I step on the journey to unravel this new blessings.

It’s my birthday and this is my earnest prayer to you Lord…AMEN


New Age, New Inspiration Coming.


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