This is quiet an interesting topic and many souls here on earth have perhaps once or twice taught they have been left hanging somewhere in their lives. Before we even delve much into this i want you to know the truth that, Whatever God starts, He completes.

The book of Philippians 1:6 teaches us that;
Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

“If you belong to God through faith in Jesus Christ, nothing can separate you from him and His love for you”

God will never and ever forsake you and that was a promise to us. Let’s think about Joseph, He didn’t just rise up to become the prime minister of Egypt. He was despised by His brothers, put into a pit and so sadly sold into slavery in Egypt. He would have probably somehow find a way to kill himself to end everything but then Joseph knew God wasn’t going to leave him hanging in there forever as a slave, he knew every pain he was going through was meant for something big and precious.

Dear reader, God is not a man to fail His promises to you and neither will He lie in taking you to greater ends. If He has started with you, He is surely going to end with you. He can cause all your success to happen within a second but He is a God of patience too, He wants to build you for your success not rush you for your success.

God has started with you, perhaps you have reached a tough point and there seems to be no way. Just hold on and wait for the one who paved way for you to start. Just don’t forget good things come to those who wait in the Lord. Do not rush your success or find different means to reach there, just allow God to complete what He has started with you.

I want to inspire you today to hold on to God in prayer as He works on your whole being, because God will never allow pain without creating something new to be born in your life. It’s all going to work for your own good, so if God has started with you, don’t rush it, Let Him finish with you.

God bless you for reading…#Peace💖



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