Your role model’s breakthrough isn’t also the same way you are going to breakthrough in life. God has different places to put you for you to shine for the world to see. Your success story is different, it might take years but it’s differently going to emerge. Stop praying for things to happen or go the same way it did for others, because you are different and so is your breakthrough.

Your breakthrough might come as slow as the movement of a tortoise, whiles the breakthrough for others might also come as fast than you can ever think of. But no matter what happens just don’t forget there is a beautiful breakthrough for you and your part to play is not to question God why there is a delay or why things aren’t going the way you want , your part to play is to pray, work hard and focus on God as He nurtures you for your time of overwhelming change.

See it doesn’t matter your location, background or your physical being, when the time comes for God to lift you up in life, He is surely going to do so. Nothing can change the plans God have for your life, those plans were a promise to us and it only fails to prevail in our life’s when we do not focus on God. The more you keep your focus on that big person in your society or that celebrity, wishing and wanting things to go the same way for you, the more you lose focus on the beautiful plans that God has set for you.

I just want to inspire you to believe in how God has plan your life to be. No matter how small the start is there is a beautiful breakthrough waiting for you. Don’t lose focus because, when God said wonderfully and fearfully have we being made, it wasn’t to a single person, it was to each and everyone of us created in the image of God.

You are God’s special creation and He knows how to make you shine for the world to see, don’t live in doubt of the goodness of the LORD because nothing can separate His love for you.

God bless you for reading….Peace💖



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