Hello there, I know it’s being really long since I shared a message here. Vacating from school, I really taught i was going to have a lot of free times so I would be able to write more messages, but home duties and some other stuffs just have being keeping me busy. Moreover I just can’t be writing on demand, it definitely should come from inspiration so you can also be inspired too, and that’s why I am here today sharing with you this amazing piece of inspiration I got from listening to Tasha Cobbs song titled Fill me up. This song is really beautiful, just check it out.

So why did I titled this piece make yourself available? Well like I said I got the inspiration from the song which starts with this beautiful words and I quote “ You provide the fire, I will provide the sacrifice” which comes from the story of Abraham and his son Isaac in the bible. Hundred years after Abraham finally having a son(Isaac) it got to the point where he was tempted to offer Isaac as a burnt offering unto the Lord. As obedient and trusting Abraham was to the Lord, he did exactly us he was told. He took his only son to the mountain and with faith he laid Isaac down to be offered for the sacrifice.

He didn’t question God on why or the reasons he needed to have before he sacrifice his only son. With curiosity Isaac asked his father where the lamb for the burnt offering was, Abraham beautifully answered with faith and assurance that “My son the Lord will provide Himself a lamb for the burnt offering” even though he knew Isaac was the burnt offering God told him to offer. So lo and behold as Abraham took his knife to slay his son, the bible says an Angel of the Lord spoke to him and told him not to lay his hands or do anything to him but rather he should go for the ram which was caught in a thicket by his horns.
The Lord came through for Abraham when he taught he was going to sacrifice his only son. It was an act of faith and the fear of the Lord, he completely made himself available to God’s word. Abraham had thousands of options to choose from, he could have flew somewhere with his son or he could have just ignored God’s word but he kept inside his mind that no matter what comes my way I know the Lord will provide and so I have to make myself available anytime He calls.

Dear reader, Abraham is no more here on earth to make himself available to God’s word, but you are and now God is calling you to do something that requires you to break out of your comfort zone or something that requires you to give it all up and start all over and maybe you are scared to lose it all or you are scared the world is going to look at you differently now. Well I am here and am inspring you to start thinking over Abraham’s encounter, it looked so scary and difficult to do but he looked at the great things the Lord could do with his life and he made himself available.

Yours might not be a sacrifice of your only child, but maybe it might be you quitting that million dollar job to start a church outreach at a cottage somewhere in the world or you leaving your boy or girlfriend to wait on who God has really prepared you for. It’s scary to the world for you but God is saying your job is not to worry about how scary it looks, yours is just to make yourself available.

Ending this piece, I would like to just chip in a story about myself on when I was starting this blog, it looked so difficult to do because i was putting myself out there into a world which has so many great inspirational speakers and writers, and moreover what if no one reads what I post or even share it for other people to read also. But with faith and the Grace of God I humbly made myself available to what I felt God was calling me to do and I started this blog. Amazingly it hasn’t even being a year since I started, but this blog is growing so much even than the extent that i taught of, as each day passes I get emails and messages from people on social media encouraging me to continue this great work and to keep making myself available to God’s work.

I know sometimes it might look so tempting on the things God asks us to do or where He asks us to go (like for instance how on earth do I offer my only child as a burnt offering) But Abraham’s story teaches us now that the temptations are not just to scare us but to reveal how truly and deeply we fear the Lord, how ready we are to trust him first in all things and how prepared we are to go wherever he sends us.

God really loves you my dear reader, He loves you so much to the extent that He also gave His only son as a sacrifice for you too on the cross of calvary, and so if all he is requiring of you now is to make yourself available anytime he calls then please provide yourself for Him, just open your spirit up for him to fill. He is the God of the impossible, He wants your availability to work on that thing that looks impossible to you, but he is not a force God, He won’t force you to be there for him whenever he calls. His love is so great and pure that he has given us the freewill to either choose him or do whatever we want to. Let’s choose to trust God us Abraham did and we will never be put to shame no matter what comes our way.

NB; The story of Abraham being tempted to offer Isaac as a burnt offering can be found in the book of Genesis 22

God richly bless you for reading… Peace💖



  1. I love it. My favourite part is were you were like God has given us all choices whether to choose Him or do what ever we like/want. It saddens me to see how many people have decided not to live for God and have dedicated their lives to useless,and lesser gods and are even looking up to them, for protection etc
    They have turned a blind eyes and have deafen their ears to the wonders of God.
    My name is Daniella and I hope we can be friends I don’t know how old u are but I’m way younger than you,and I hope that would not create a hindrance in us becoming friends.
    I love it tho great piece . God bless you Nhyira 😘😘
    PS: happy long gone belated bdae.(just found out not too long ago LOL)😁

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    1. Awwww thanks dear Darnyella, belated birthday wish accepted😎 and definitely we can be friends. Hope you have a social media handle, am Grace Ameyaw on Facebook and ms_nhyira on Instagram. Let’s get interactive there.


  2. I love it. My favourite part is were you were like God has given us all choices whether to choose Him or do what ever wew many people have decided not to live for God and have dedicated their lives to useless,and lesser gods and are even looking up to them, for protection etc
    They have turned a blind eyes and have deafen their ears to the wonders of God.
    I love it

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