Basically, almost everyone in this world has someone they are looking up to or someone they wish they would become. Unknowingly you might be the greatest person someone out there looks up to or the last person they will ever wish to become. There is someone out there who reads your life like a book every blessed day. They are not wishing or praying they become exactly like you are, because each and everyone of us was made uniquely and differently. But the way you have journeyed yourself up to greatness or how you portray yourself is the lifeline they want to follow as they also embark on their journey to greatness.

So the big question now is what kind of impactation or influences are you giving to that person who looks up to you?

It is your life though, God gave it to you. But wouldn’t you love it if you were just to be walking out there one day and out of no where someone just runs over to you and tells you “Wowww, I have finally met you. You have been an inspiration to me for so long. Looking up to how diligently you have portrayed yourself has positively changed my life and am just grateful to the Lord that people like you exist in this world” Am very sure you will be so full of joy if a moment like this happens to you.

Now let me tell you what happened to me a few weeks ago. I shared a picture on my whatsapp status with my face full of smiles, then a friend replied on it and said, do you know your smile is a ministry to others? I asked for further meaning and he said your smile for all you know is healing the wounds of a broken soul or is wiping away a tear of someone who had a bad day. He was saying so because he felt so happy and with no reason he smiled back when he saw the picture. I felt so great and honoured because if he was having a bad day, my smile just gave him an assurance that everything is going to be alright.

I shared this with you because if just a smiling face can change the situation someone is going through, then how much more about you living your whole life in a gracious and an inspirational way to others. What are people learning from you? The kids in your community what are they studying from your life? Your friends and the unknown ones on your social media pages, what kind of influence are you adding or subtracting from their life’s as they look up to you? Is it a negative or a positive influence that you are sharing with the world around you?

The way you present and humble yourself can influence or change someone’s life forever. These influence comes from a lot of things that we do, it can be of the way you dress, how you talk, how you walk, how you present yourself, how courageous you are, how you sing, how welcoming you are to everybody and etc. Role models aren’t celebrities only, you can be a good role model to people providing you are a celebrity or not. There might even be someone in this world who do not know who a celebrity is or haven’t even met one before, but that person knows you and might be looking up to you.

Dear reader, do not live your life for your sake only. Be an inspiration to someone, let someone have the feeling like they are reading the good words of the Lord in the bible anytime they look at your life. Let people praise and raise your name on high not because you are rich or because you have all the expensive things in the world, but instead let them praise your name because you added a positive influence to their life’s and you also substracted the negative behaviours from their life’s.

See God wants heaven filled but He needs our help sending the invitations out. And your life can be an invite for someone to knock on heavens door.

God bless you for reading, stay blessed. Peace✌😚



  1. And i also smiled by your words .You’ve started my day so great .I admire your works and i must admit ,you’re just amazing and unique. Continue to bring hope to people and God will lift you to a level where no man can understand. STAY BLESSED Ama .Fafali loves you💞💞

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