The story of Shadrack, Meschach and Abedenago is one of the wonderous message the bible tells us. Their faith, passion and zeal for God is all we pray and wish to have in our christian life. They stood and lived for God, and faithful as the Lord is, He also stood for them each step of the way. This story teaches us a lot and reading it again just recently drove my heart towards a particular verse and with a deep and clearer understanding, I got an inspiration from it. The book of Daniel 3 talks about the whole story but my inspiration came from the verse 18 which says;

But Even If He does not, we want you to know O king that we will not serve your God’s or worship the image of gold you have set up.

We all stand on the promises of God’s word that in time of troubles He is our refuge, and He will come through for us which is perfectly true. God comes to our rescue all times and our faith in Him puts us at rest when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, just as shadrach and his friends believed. But the amazing thing i want you to know and understand is that, their believe and faith in God didn’t end there, their believes were so strong that they told the king; Even If God who has dominion over all things do not come and rescue them, they will never bow to his gods or his golden image.

This believe and kind of faith is what I want to inspire you to have in the Lord. As each and every day passes the devil and even our fellow humans whom do not share the same faith with us, puts in front of us various deceitful options in times of trouble. Let’s look at a quick scernario…,

For instance, you are a Christian who is battling cancer at it peak stage. You have been praying and fasting all day long, doctors have tried all they can but there seems to be no hope. The devil with lies brings an unbeliever whom you may know or never know to tell you that there is this fetish priest who could cure you within the brink of an eye if only you will bow to him. As scared as you are to die you give in to bow down to this lesser god forgetting that God tells us to worship no other gods apart from Him. You belittle God just because you are afraid to die and you forget again the bible says it is appointed unto man to die once and after that judgement. And in judgement you win to Heaven or lose to hell. The question we can draw out from this scenario is this; why will you bow to lesser gods to live then die again someday to go to hell (thus if you do not encounter God or salvation in any way again) whiles You will win to Heaven if you die battling cancer as a true child of God?

Dear reader I just want to inspire you to not give in to the adversary even if you can’t seem to see God’s hands in whatever the situation is. The truth is that God is right there with you in that situation even if you can’t see Him. I want to inspire You to build your believe and Faith to the point of saying that Even If I don’t win on earth, I will win in heaven. Raise your faith so high and your believes so strong that no matter how death looks near in that situation you will never bow to anything that doesn’t glorify God.

Finally i just want you to know that if you stand with Christ you will win no matter how that situation ends. And as I wrote in my previous post titled (In the valley of decisions) sometimes the things that looks like it going to destroy you are the exact things that God is using to destroy your enemies. He won’t fail His promises to us, but in waiting for His promises to manifest in our lives we should also learn that Even If what we have believed and hoped for in Christ do not happen here on earth and we die holding unto that believe, we surely have been marked as winners in heaven. Christ died and won victory for us on the cross of calvary, so whatever happens we win. When we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we win, when we survive cancer on earth through His Stripes we win and when we don’t survive we still win in Christ Jesus.

As you pray each and every day, ask the Lord to pour His strength and grace on your life. We can’t survive in our Even If’s moment without His strentgh. Pray for it and He will deliver it to you.

God richly bless you for reading…Peace✌😙


6 thoughts on “EVEN IF……,

  1. This blog really moved me. My sister, a deep believer, died of cancer in August. It was her third occurrence, and this time it took her. She wished for a cure, but found true healing in her walk with Christ. Her soul was healed and she died in peace in her sleep as she had prayed.

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