“Don’t trust anybody” That’s a statement we normally hear people say. As we journey ahead in life we meet a lot of people. Some, who comes to redesign our life’s for good and those who just come to give us hard and tough lessons. Through these lessons we sometimes come to the conclusion that, humans are just the same when it comes to the part that gave us lessons (which could be different kinds of things all together)

The beautiful truth is that you can’t go through life without lessons or mistakes. We cannot understand what life really means if we only look at the things this world give us, we can’t also have it all good and that’s why we can’t conclude that everyone we meet is just going to be the same as the one who just left us or hurt us. Somebody cannot be the same as everybody, we might have similarities but we just can’t be the same, and that’s the mindset and inspiration I want you to get from this piece.

If am writing this today to you my dear reader, then all I want to help you understand is that you can’t have a complete assumption that everyone you meet will just have the same personality or that same mentality as the one who just left you. Life is a process and sometimes all we are going to get from some of the people who are going to come our way are just lessons and nothing much. These lessons are not just lessons of mistakes or comparison truth for you to compare everyone who comes your way with, but instead these lessons are to build you up and make you strong.

Just because that man you love so much gave you a child and left you doesn’t mean all men are going to do same to you, just because that guy promised to marry you but never fulfilled that promise doesn’t mean you are out of the marriage league and there aren’t no guy out there who is going to be ever ready to put a ring on your finger. The girl you have ever loved so genuinely left you or maybe your most trusted friend or relative just let you down and brought all your secrets out, so you think you have to close yourself up forever?

It might have been a breach of trust or love that has got you to be cautious on everyone, but the truth is that the walls you are building to protect yourself is actually imprisoning you instead of protecting you.

It hurts, maybe even much than I can imagine. But God says come to me all who weary and labour and I will give you rest. That rest isn’t going to fall like manna from heaven, God is going to use someone to give you that rest. God works through people. He doesn’t perform miracles with the possible, he performs miracle with impossible situations like yours. All God wants is to give you a testimony out of your pain not out of your hiding place, so even if you can’t open up to anyone, just open up to God first and He is going to direct you to a love that you have never felt before.

As I conclude, I want you to know that, I know the facts have been laid down and it says that you have been hurt, you have been mistreated, you have been used, you have been abused and you have been walked upon for so many times but the good news is that we are not dealing with facts only, how about the truth of God that says am going to give you a life beyond your past through the blood of Jesus. Have you taught about the power that blood holds and the impossible things that blood does?

Even though that blood isn’t going to give you amnesia for you to forget it all, I promise you it’s going to give you something more precious and valuable than what these facts says. You might be worrying and tearing up, but I just want you to know that God is preparing a miracle through someone for you and that person isn’t going to come into your life until you have opened up and understood that somebody cannot be everybody. Whoever God sends your way isn’t going to wipe your memories away, but trust me they are going to give you new memories that comes from God’s love.

He created us all in His image and we’ve all got His love and grace drowning us but Life changes people and sometimes we just meet people who are broken and all they will do is to drain it on us. It’s a lesson to go through not a stuck up moment or time for you to victimize yourself too. Someone is going to care about you like never before, I want to care about you like never before and that’s why am writing this inspirational piece for you, so don’t get stuck up with what just left you. You can’t keep looking for your past in everyone you meet. Something precious is on the way so get up and go embrace your God’s given Love.

God richly bless bless you for reading…Peace😘✌



  1. I was at a class on the Psalms this morning and our priest reminded us that as baptized Christians we all reflected God to one another and that we needed to love each other even if we found there were people we didn’t like. It was a good reminder for me.

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