If we are to put hundred people on a stand and ask how many of them loves to go through suffering or would love to go through suffering, I’m sure we wouldn’t even have one to count. The truth is that We all want to see good things only, everybody wants to see or have the light shining on their paths. As a matter of fact suffering is one of the things that we so hate to see in our lives. Nobody wants to talk about how they are suffering or what they are going through, barely nobody sees any positive thing around suffering for it to be even talk about.

Suffering is a negative thing that everybody wants to depict themselves from. All of our strives are against suffering, we are all looking for a way to not go through suffering but still succeed. So I found this Bible verse(Matthew 16:21) and as I meditate on it, I realize that there was a time Jesus spoke about His death and all that He was going to go through to His disciples and in this verse He says “That He must go to Jerusalem and suffer much, then He continued to say that as He goes through this suffering He will be put to death but on the very third day after His death He will resurrect and overcome death.

I realize in the verse that Jesus did not resurrect before suffering, He actually had to go through all of those suffering before He resurrected. And as I always say, Jesus could have performed some miracle for us to be saved but He didn’t, He instead went through the process which includes suffering to be able to overcome death and bring to us salvation. Now what I want to inspire you today from this verse is that, there is something that suffering does for us and that nothing else can do.

I understand that in today’s world there is this bad omen that we have placed on suffering, we find it shameful to even talk about it. And sometimes we even ask ourselves if God is loving why do we have to go through suffering as children of God? Sometimes we just want to have an answer to the reason why everything seems to be going the way we so hate for it to go.

But to you My very beautiful amazing reader, from this verse I want to inspire you with this truth that if Jesus had to go to Jerusalem to suffer much and even to the extent of dying to resurrect something new for you, then whatever kind of suffering you are going through is just preparing a soil that will bring to birth or resurrect a fountain of joy for you. Death couldn’t hold him down, He suffered to it but that was not the end of the story, He resurrected with the salvation power we rejoice in now. 

That suffering journey to Jerusalem brought to birth the salvation power and it’s the same thing with us today, you have to go through something to bring to birth something. You have to understand that suffering did not come to end your life, suffering did not come to place the you can’t do it again ban on your life and neither did it come to call you a failure. If there is a reason why suffering came into your life then I’m proud to tell you today that it only came to resurrect something new in you.

So my dear reader for this piece let’s put a dare challenge on ourselves and start seeing our sufferings as a labour ward that we have been sent to and if only we will push and push to the very end, we will surely bring to birth something so great that not only will we testify of it but generations will testify of it too.

Finally as I bring this piece to an end I want to leave you with this assurance that there is a victory flag at the end of every suffering journey but that victory flag can only be raised high if only you will start this journey as Jesus did and push through it with the assurance that you can do and overcome all things through Christ who strengthens you.

God richly bless you for reading… Peace✌️❤️



  1. This is good stuff, if truth can be called stuff. May my spirit be filled with these truths. I need them. We all need them. Thank you for sharing this needful and beneficial post.

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  2. Reblogged this on Charles Earl Harrel and commented:
    “If there is a reason why suffering came into your life, then I’m proud to tell you today that it only came to resurrect something new in you.” An inspiring post by Ama Nhyira, encouraging and needful. Worth reading.


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