The story of Shadrack, Meschach and Abedenago is one of the wonderous message the bible tells us. Their faith, passion and zeal for God is all we pray and wish to have in our christian life. They stood and lived for God and faithful as the Lord is He also stood for them each step of the way. This story teaches us a lot and reading it again just recently drove my heart towards a particular verse and with a deep and clearer understanding, I got an inspiration from it. The book of Daniel 3 talks about the whole story but my inspiration came from the verse 18 which says;

But Even If He does not, we want you to know O king that we will not serve your God’s or worship the image of gold you have set up.

We all stand on the promise of God’s word that in times of troubles He is our refuge and He will come through for us which is perfectly true. God comes to our rescue all times and our faith in Him puts us at rest when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, just as shadrach and his friends believed. But the amazing thing is that their believe and faith didn’t end there, their believes was so strong that they told the king that Even If God who has dominion over all things do not come and rescue them, they will never bow to his gods or his gold image.

This believe and kind of faith is what I want to inspire you to have in the Lord. As each and every day passes the devil and even our fellow humans whom do not share the same faith with us, puts in front of us various deceitful options in times of trouble in our lives. Let’s look at a quick scernario…,

For instance, you are a Christian who is battling cancer at it peak stage. You have been praying and fasting all day long, doctors have tried all they can but there seems to be no hope. The devil with lies brings an unbeliever whom you know to tell you that there is this fetish priest who could cure you within the brink of an eye if only you will bow to him. As scared as you are to die you give in to bow down to this lesser god forgetting that God tells us to worship no other gods apart from Him. You belittle God just because you are afraid to die, you forget again the bible says it is appointed unto man to die once and after that judgement. And in judgement you win to Heaven or lose to hell. So why will you bow to a lesser god to live then die again someday to go to hell whiles You win to Heaven if you die battling cancer as a true child of God.

Dear reader I just want to inspire you to not give in to the adversary even if you can’t seem to see God’s hands in whatever the situation is. You should build your believe and Faith to the point of saying that Even If I don’t win on earth, I will win in heaven. Raise your faith so high and your believes so strong that no matter how death looks near in that situation you will never bow to anything that doesn’t glorify God.

Finally i just want you to know that if you stand with Christ you will win no matter how that situation ends. And as I wrote in my previous post titled (In the valley of decisions) sometimes the things that looks like it going to destroy you are the exact things that God is using to destroy your enemies. He won’t fail His promises to us, but in waiting for His promises to manifest in our lives we should also learn that Even If what we have believed in Christ do not happen here on earth and we die holding unto that believe, we surely have been marked as winners in heaven. Christ died and won victory for us on the cross of calvary, so whatever happens we win. When we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we win, when we survive cancer on earth through His Stripes we win and when we don’t survive we still win in Christ Jesus.



On the sixth day of creation when God created mankind in His own image, He also gave them dominion over everything He had created before them and awesomely He placed within mankind precious gifts that makes each and everyone of us unique. We all have been blessed with these gifts which comes in so many different forms like singing, preaching, Prophesising, leading, writing and etc. These gifts are not temporary gifts, they are permanent gifts and also they are not just to bless us only but to bless others too.

As beautiful as these gifts are, lot of people here in the world are living with no idea they have been blessed with such gifts let alone for them to use it to bless others too. Whiles most people also know of these gifts in their life’s but they do not say yes to them because they do not value the potentials and power of this gifts. It’s either they think it’s too little or doesn’t fall in line with their standards. Lot of people are so focused on the gifts of others and how its making them unique, forgetting totally they also have such unique gifts too.

In psalm 139:12 the bible tells us that I will praise thee: for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. God created you fearfully that means no matter what comes your way, you will overcome through faith in God. And again He created you wonderfully that also means you have been uniquely gifted with special gifts that you alone possess and can use.

There is that one thing you know you can do better than anyone else but you keep ignoring it because you feel its too small or is what everyone is doing. Before l delve much into this i just want you to ask yourself this question, why is it that you can do that one particularly thing better than any other thing you have tried to do? Why is it that, you never had any lessons on that one thing but you simply can do it perfectly?

The reason why or the answers to these questions is because they are gifts from God to you. These gifts doesn’t require you to go to the world best schools before you can use them, neither does it require you to pay any money before you can use them. They were given to us freely and freely are we to use them.

God’s gift are amazing and full of blessings but if you do not start using them you will never realize it’s power and potential. You might ask so how do I know this is what God has gifted me with?

First I will encourage you to renew your mind with God’s word and prayers as the apostle Paul teaches us in,

Romans 12:2 And be not conformed to this world but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, acceptable and perfect will of God.

God’s word will renew your mind for you to know the good and acceptable will or gifts of God for your life. A daily communication with God will saturate your mind with His words and you will grow in knowing that you don’t have to settle for anything less because, you have been blessed with beautiful amazing gifts and out of these gifts comes the acceptable will and perfect gifts of God for your life.

Secondly I will encourage you to embrace this gifts with everything you got inside you. If you keep on renewing your mind with God’s word, He will surely talk to you on His gifts for your life. After you find out what your unique gifts are, don’t live it to die or don’t live it to hang around you. Embrace them, love them, adore them and cherish them like never before as Apostle Paul said again in

Romans 12: 6-8

[6] Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith; [7] Or ministry, let us wait on our ministering: or he that teacheth, on teaching; [8]Or he that exhorteth, on exhortation: he that giveth, let him do it with simplicity; he that ruleth, with diligence; he that sheweth mercy, with cheerfulness.

This now gives us the understanding that whatever is it that we have been gifted to do we should do it with passion, love and diligence. Non of God’s gift to us is little or has no value. They are all precious. Each time you pray ask God to give you the strength to help you work with this gifts anyway you can. Don’t be little yourself of your God given gifts because they show God’s glory for your life and His desire for you to be bale to bless others too.

Finally as you embrace this gifts seek for His Grace, guidance and wisdom. The fact that God has gifted you with something precious doesn’t mean that’s the end. You will need His wisdom throughout each step of it. You can’t work with your gifts without His grace. He gifted you with it and so He will never leave you hanging on it. He will take you to successful ends if you reach out to Him and seek for His guidance. The amazing thing Is that the gift of others are to help you build your gifts, so when you seek for His guidance He will direct you to these people so they help nurture yours too.

Dear reader as I end this piece, another thing that I will inspire you to do is to not boast of your God given gifts. Yes you are to use them, but using it doesn’t mean you are to boasts yourself with it, don’t make others feel rejected with your gifts. Be meek and gentle on God’s gift, remember it was to bless other people too.

Your gifts are unique, so as we have entered a new month say yes to them because it’s the perfect and free gift you can ever get in this world. He is a loving father and out of His great love came this gifts. Don’t let anyone discourage you from what makes you unique. Even if it doesn’t taste sweet from the beginning, don’t be weary, pray to God and use them, He will surely take you to a successful end because there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

God richly bless you for reading…Peace✌😘



Basically, almost everyone in this world has someone they are looking up to or someone they wish they would become. Unknowingly you might be the greatest person someone out there looks up to or the last person they will ever wish to become. There is someone out there who reads your life like a book every blessed day. They are not wishing or praying they become exactly like you are, because each and everyone of us was made uniquely and differently. But the way you have journeyed yourself up to greatness or how you portray yourself is the lifeline they want to follow as they also embark on their journey to greatness.

So the big question now is what kind of impactation or influences are you giving to that person who looks up to you?

It is your life though, God gave it to you. But wouldn’t you love it if you were just to be walking out there one day and out of no where someone just runs over to you and tells you “Wowww, I have finally met you. You have been an inspiration to me for so long. Looking up to how diligently you have portrayed yourself has positively changed my life and am just grateful to the Lord that people like you exist in this world” Am very sure you will be so full of joy if a moment like this happens to you.

Now let me tell you what happened to me a few weeks ago. I shared a picture on my whatsapp status with my face full of smiles, then a friend replied on it and said, do you know your smile is a ministry to others? I asked for further meaning and he said your smile for all you know is healing the wounds of a broken soul or is wiping away a tear of someone who had a bad day. He was saying so because he felt so happy and with no reason he smiled back when he saw the picture. I felt so great and honoured because if he was having a bad day, my smile just gave him an assurance that everything is going to be alright.

I shared this with you because if just a smiling face can change the situation someone is going through, then how much more about you living your whole life in a gracious and an inspirational way to others. What are people learning from you? The kids in your community what are they studying from your life? Your friends and the unknown ones on your social media pages, what kind of influence are you adding or subtracting from their life’s as they look up to you? Is it a negative or a positive influence that you are sharing with the world around you?

The way you present and humble yourself can influence or change someone’s life forever. These influence comes from a lot of things that we do, it can be of the way you dress, how you talk, how you walk, how you present yourself, how courageous you are, how you sing, how welcoming you are to everybody and etc. Role models aren’t celebrities only, you can be a good role model to people providing you are a celebrity or not. There might even be someone in this world who do not know who a celebrity is or haven’t even met one before, but that person knows you and might be looking up to you.

Dear reader, do not live your life for your sake only. Be an inspiration to someone, let someone have the feeling like they are reading the good words of the Lord in the bible anytime they look at your life. Let people praise and raise your name on high not because you are rich or because you have all the expensive things in the world, but instead let them praise your name because you added a positive influence to their life’s and you also substracted the negative behaviours from their lives.

See God wants heaven filled but He needs our help sending the invitations out. And your life can be an invite for someone to knock on heavens door.

God bless you for reading stay blessed. Peace✌😚



Hello there, I know it’s being really long since I shared a message  here. Vacating from school, I really taught i was going to have a lot of free times so I would be able to write more messages, but home duties and some other stuffs just have being keeping me busy. Moreover I just can’t be writing on demand, it definitely should come from inspiration so you can also be inspired too, and that’s why I am here today sharing with you this amazing piece of inspiration I got from listening to Tasha Cobbs song titled Fill me up. This song is really beautiful, just check it out.

So why did I titled this piece make yourself available? Well like I said I got the inspiration from the song which starts with this beautiful words and I quote “ You provide the fire, I will provide the sacrifice” which comes from the story of Abraham and his son Isaac in the bible. Hundred years after Abraham finally having a son(Isaac) it got to the point where he was tempted to offer Isaac as a burnt offering unto the Lord. As obedient and trusting Abraham was to the Lord, he did exactly us he was told. He took his only son to the mountain and with faith he laid Isaac down to be offered for the sacrifice.

He didn’t question God on why or the reasons he needed to have before he sacrifice his only son. With curiosity Isaac asked his father where the lamb for the burnt offering was, Abraham beautifully answered with faith and assurance that “My son the Lord will provide Himself a lamb for the burnt offering” even though he knew Isaac was the burnt offering God told him to offer. So lo and behold as Abraham took his knife to slay his son, the bible says an Angel of the Lord spoke to him and told him not to lay his hands or do anything to him but rather he should go for the ram which was caught in a thicket by his horns.

The Lord came through for Abraham when he taught he was going to sacrifice his only son. It was an act of faith and the fear of the Lord, he completely made himself available to God’s word. Abraham had thousands of options to choose from, he could have flew somewhere with his son or he could have just ignored God’s word but he kept inside his mind that no matter what comes my way I know the Lord will provide and so I have to make myself available anytime He calls.

Dear reader, Abraham is no more here on earth to make himself available to God’s word, but you are and now God is calling you to do something that requires you to break out of your comfort zone or something that requires you to give it all up and start all over and maybe you are scared to lose it all or you are scared the world is going to look at you differently now. Well I am here and am inspring you to start thinking over Abraham’s encounter,  it looked so scary and difficult to do but he looked at the great things the Lord could do with his life and he made himself available. 

Yours might not be a sacrifice of your only child, but maybe it might be you quitting that million dollar job to start a church outreach at a cottage somewhere in the world or you leaving your boy or girlfriend to wait on who God has really prepared you for. It’s scary to the world for you but God is saying your job is not to worry about how scary it looks, yours is just to make yourself available.

Ending this piece, I would like to just chip in a story about myself on when I was starting this blog, it looked so difficult to do because i was putting myself out there into a world which has so many great inspirational speakers and writers, and moreover what if no one reads what I post or even share it for other people to read also. But with faith and the Grace of God I humbly made myself available to what I felt God was calling me to do and I started this blog. Amazingly it hasn’t even being a year since I started, but this blog is growing so much even than the extent that i taught of, as each day passes I get emails and messages from people on social media encouraging me to continue this great work and to keep making myself available to God’s work.

I know sometimes it might look so tempting on the things God asks us to do or where He asks us to go (like for instance how on earth do I offer my only child as a burnt offering) But Abraham’s story teaches us now that the temptations are not just to scare us but to reveal how truly and deeply we fear the Lord, how ready we are to trust him first in all things and how prepared we are to go wherever he sends us.

God really loves you my dear reader, He loves you so much to the extent that He also gave His only son as a sacrifice for you too on the cross of calvary, and so if all he is requiring of you now is to make yourself available anytime he calls then please provide yourself for Him, just open your spirit up for him to fill. He is the God of the impossible, He wants your availability to work on that thing that looks impossible to you, but he is not a force God, He won’t force you to be there for him whenever he calls. His love is so great and pure that he has given us the freewill to either choose him or do whatever we want to. Let’s choose to trust God us Abraham did and we will never be put to shame no matter what comes our way.

NB; The story of Abraham being tempted to offer Isaac as a burnt offering can be found in the book of Genesis 22

God richly bless you for reading… Peace💖



In the valley of decisions where your boss says if you do not go with the bribery and corruption plan you will get fired…..just hold on.

In the valley of decisions where your manager or manageress says share a bed with him or her before they give you that money to pay your dying mother’s bill for her medication……just hold on.

In the valley of decisions where you have been battling with the idea of joining your friends in that robbery to get money so you can survive for a living…….just hold on.

In the valley of decisions where you are deciding to abort that unwanted pregnancy because your partner says he can’t cater for the baby……..just hold on.

In the valley of decisions where you think your only option is to lie so you will not put into shame or trouble on that thing you didn’t do but have been accused of…….just hold on.

In the valley of decisions where the doctor says there is nothing they can do so you have to sign up for organ donations because your child or parent is brain dead…...just hold on.

In the valley of decisions where you feel like giving up because you have been failing a thousand times on that one paper you need to pass to gain admission……just hold on.

In the valley of decisions where your husband or wife says sign the divorce papers because you can’t give him or her a child…….just hold on.

In the valley of decisions where there seem to be just no way and the adversary says give in…….just hold on.

Now here is why you don’t have to give in to the adversary;

See Christ never promised that the cross will not be heavy or the hills will not be hard to climb, neither did He offered victories without fighting but He said help will always come in time.

You will never be forsaken, you want proof that He will never forsake you? Then ask the children of Israel, they taught the read sea was going to be the end of them, it was the end of their enemies.

Sometimes in that Valley of decisions lies our victory and sometimes the trap you think you have been putting through is actually your road to triumph. Sometimes the things that looks like it’s going to destroy or break you down are just the things to destroy your enemies.

It might not taste sweet, it might be your biggest nightmare, it might look like you can’t survive a day more on what you are going through but just and just be reminded that the teacher is always quiet during the test. He is quite preparing your victory marks and all you have to do is just to hold on, he will show up and take through the fire again.

In the valley of our strongest decisions, let’s not give in to the adversary but rather trust the mighty hand of God because He will never let you stand even just one test alone.

God bless you for reading…Peace💖

Today’s fragrance: forget the former things.

Forget the former things beautifully written by Papberry, you do not want to miss reading it.
God’s blessings are new every morning, yesterday is gone today is another beautiful day, rise up and do something new.


Scripture: Isaiah 43:18-19

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland”.

The only way to perceive things is to be conscious of present moments and not the past.
There are so many things God desires to do for us but we are just not allowing Him.

We’ve fixed Him in the limitations of our minds as we focus and glory ourselves in the things of yesterday, leaving the better opportunities today holds untapped.

Most of us ain’t making progress actually, but it looks as if we are because we have gotten very comfortable with where we are now. Others have just given up on progress because they’ve failed to many times.

We get to some stages in our…

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Your role model’s breakthrough isn’t also the same way you are going to breakthrough in life. God has different places to put you for you to shine for the world to see. Your success story is different, it might take years but it’s differently going to emerge. Stop praying for things to happen or go the same way it did for others, because you are different and so is your breakthrough. 

Your breakthrough might come as slow as the movement of a tortoise, whiles the breakthrough for others might also come as fast than you can ever think of. But no matter what happens just don’t forget there is a beautiful breakthrough for you and your part to play is not to question God why there is a delay or why things aren’t going the way you want , your part to play is to pray, work hard and focus on God as He nurtures you for your time of overwhelming change.

See it doesn’t matter your  location, background or your physical being, when the time comes for God to lift you up in life, He is surely going to do so. Nothing can change the plans God have for your life, those plans were a promise to us and it only fails to prevail in our life’s when we do not focus on God. The more you keep  your focus on that big person in your society or that celebrity, wishing and wanting things to go the same way for you, the more you lose focus on the beautiful plans that God has set for you.

I just want to inspire you to believe in how God has plan your life to be. No matter how small the start is there is a beautiful breakthrough waiting for you. Don’t lose focus because, when God said wonderfully and fearfully have we being made, it wasn’t to a single person, it was to each and everyone of us created in the image of God.

You are God’s special creation and He knows how to make you shine for the world to see, don’t live in doubt of the goodness of the LORD because nothing can separate His love for you.

God bless you for reading….Peace💖



Colossians 3:1-2

If ye then be risen with Christ, seek those things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God. [2] Set your affection on things above, not on things on the earth.

So easily we lose focus on the most important thing we are to focus on as humans. We easily set our eyes off the eternal value Christ has assured us. When life gets bitter we focus fast on how to get it back on track so things would go good for us again and even when life gets better we still focus on how to make it more and more better for us. Completely we forget the eternal reward and the journey we need to embark on so we would reach there.

Our bible verse above teaches us that as believers we have been risen with Christ and therefore we are to seek for those things which are above where Christ sitteth and thus eternal life. Nothing we do on this earth matters most than focusing on eternal life. When our father in heaven appears for the second time, we won’t take anything we have worked here on earth with us.

Am not asking you to stop working or stop pursing great things here on earth because the bible actually teaches us in 2 Thessalonians 3:10b that If any man would not work, neither should he eat. To be working is important but for our works to distract us from focusing on eternity is more or else like being in a pit of danger.

No matter what we do here on earth, there is an eternal life that awaits us and we have two places to spend this eternal life at. Is either in hell or heaven, and neither of us here will even think of going to hell because is not a place you would even imagine yourself to be at for eternity, there is no joy in hell. So our only option now is Heaven and that’s the place we should focus on spending eternity at.

Ending this piece, I want to inspire you that whatever you do on earth to survive , you should never let it distract you from focusing on having an eternal life in heaven. To have eternal life is to believe in Jesus Christ the son of God. He is eternal life, accept Him, believe in Him and focus on the things He wants you to do so you can ascend with Him to Heaven when He comes back again.

God bless you for reading….Peace💖



This is quiet an interesting topic and many souls here on earth have perhaps once or twice taught they have been left hanging somewhere in their lives. Before we even delve much into this i want you to know the truth that, Whatever God starts, He completes.

The book of Philippians 1:6 teaches us that;

Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.

“If you belong to God through faith in Jesus Christ, nothing can separate you from him and His love for you”

God will never and ever forsake you and that was a promise to us. Let’s think about Joseph, He didn’t just rise up to become the prime minister of Egypt. He was despised by His brothers, put into a pit and so sadly sold into slavery in Egypt. He would have probably somehow find a way to kill himself to end everything but then Joseph knew God wasn’t going to leave him hanging in there forever as a slave, he knew every pain he was going through was meant for something big and precious.

Dear reader, God is not a man to fail His promises to you and neither will He lie in taking you to greater ends. If He has started with you, He is surely going to end with you.  He can cause all your success to happen within a second but He is a God of patience too, He wants to build you for your success not rush you for your success.

God has started with you, perhaps you have reached a tough point and there seems to be no way. Just hold on and wait for the one who paved way for you to start. Just don’t forget good things come to those who wait in the Lord. Do not rush your success or find different means to reach there, just allow God to complete what He has started with you.

I want to inspire you today to hold on to God in prayer as He works on your whole being, because God will never allow pain without creating something new to be born in your life. It’s all going to work for your own good, so if God has started with you, don’t rush it, Let Him finish with you.

God bless you for reading…#Peace💖


Yeahhhh the birthday girl is back😊😊. My new age brought so much blessings that I didn’t want to pick my pen and paper again🙈 (so sorry I taught that way) I really had a nice birthday celebration and it was all possible because of the love you all showed me. God bless each and every one of you, for your wishes, messages and prayers. I am grateful and I appreciate it all. Waking up today I remembered am no more in my birthday month, it’s a new month and I got to inspire someone as they step into April and unravel the blessings it brought for them.


Our inspirational topic today is moving mountains. These Mountains are the struggles, the challenges, failures and difficult times we go through in life. They come into our lives and leave us hopeless and down hearted. People even die in such situations forgetting there is a remedy to move these mountains.

Before we give in to saying there is no remedy to move those mountains, let’s read a scripture from our bible. Thus Matthew 17:20

And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.

A little amount of faith just like a mustard seed is what the Lord says we need to move those mountains in our lives. Is not running to our pastor nor praying with big words, its FAITH. What then is faith actually? According to Hebrews 11:1 Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence or assurance of things not seen.

You do not have to see your mountains moving with your naked eye before you believe God is working. God is always working for you no matter how high your mountains are, all He ask from you is for you to have a faith as small as a mustard seed in Him.

You can move your mountains and do beautiful incredible things with your faith as small as a mustard seed. Remember you aren’t the one fighting the battles, the battle is the Lord’s and with the Lord nothing is impossible. All things which includes your worries, struggles, pain, diseases, and failures are all possible for Him to change.

Don’t be little yourself, don’t put yourself in a small box. Just pick your mustard seed of faith and pray earnestly (you can read my piece on praying earnestly Here) to God because your faith does not rest on human wisdom, your faith rest on God’s power.

Don’t let your mountains move you, be the one moving your mountains. God loves you and I pray that the God of Abraham will shine His radiance love upon your life as we have entered this new month.